Welcome to Gray Potato Farm

Quality growers of fresh red potatoes.

  In the early 1900's, William Harrison Gray along with his
  wife Isabelle started farming in Osseo, Minnesota. One of
  the crops on their 100 acre farm was potatoes. They had
  three sons. One of the boys was Neil. He started farming
  with his dad, William in the 1920's. Neil married Blanche
  Hartkopf. They had three children. The youngest, Howard
  Benjamin was born in 1928. After serving his country in the
  Korean War, Howard returned to farming full time with his
  father. He married Oreta Rose Schmidt in 1952. They had
  five children: Barb, Kathy, Janet, Paul and Gary.

  Feeling the urban sprawl of the Twin Cities, Howard looked
  north to continue farming. In 1966 he started farming in
  Clear Lake, MN. The sandy soil was just right for growing
  red potatoes under irrigation. Howard was a pioneer in the
  area with irrigation. In 1970 he purchased the first
  Lockwood electrical center pivot in the state. In the
  70's he branched out and grew some processing potatoes
  along with sweet corn and soybeans.

  In the early 80's his two sons Paul and Gary started taking
  a more active role in the farming operation. Along with
  helping their dad and mom growing potatoes they started
  growing strawberries.
  Today, the Gray Potato Farm's primary focus is on growing
  the best fresh market red potatoes they can for their